Are you ready for a wickedly hot summer?

June 1, 2017

Well, turn up the air and brew pitchers of iced tea, because you’ll need them.

Texas sizzles in July, but all that heat won’t just be on the beach. I’m writing like the wind–or more specifically, a desert dust devil–on the next book in my Gods of the Night Series. Rap gets his own story in Eternal Shadows. He has the soul of an ancient predator and the essence of a lord of darkness all wrapped up in a human body. Talk about feeling conflicted. Selene is his enemy. She worked for the powers that plan to destroy all humans. But now she’s working for the good guys. Or is she? Rap might not trust her, but that doesn’t stop the sensual pull drawing them closer. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, they must trust each other enough to fight for the future of Earth and their love.

Look for Eternal Shadows in October 2018.


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