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The Gods of the Night Are Back

October 11, 2022

I’m home! I’ve missed all of you. It’s been way too long since I left my Gods of the Night series unfinished. But I haven’t returned empty handed.

Finally, Rap’s story is finished. Eternal Shadows is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook and print. Yes, his tale took an eternally long time to tell, but I hope you enjoy his journey.

Rap has a heck of an identity crisis. Is he human, vampire, or ancient predator? While he battles to control his inner demons, the world around him is careening toward oblivion. When December 21 at 11:11 rolls around, will humanity still exist? He and the rest of the Eleven will fight to make certain it does.

Then there’s Selene. She came to Earth with his enemies. Now she claims to be an ally. Can he trust her? She might have a power never before seen on Earth, but it’s the power over his heart that is the true danger.

Can they work through their mistrust and secrets to save humanity and their love? Meet Rap and Selene in this excerpt, then order your copy today!

Celebrate Ganymede’s Anniversary!

December 25, 2019

Not ready for all the holiday fun to be over? How about one more end-of-year event? This Saturday, December 28, I’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the one who started it all for me.

Ganymede burst on the scene in 1999. He immediately began creating chaos in the lives of my hero and heroine from my first published book, An Original Sin. Since then, he’s never looked back. He did his cosmic troublemaker act at the Woo Woo Inn and from there went on to cause havoc at the Castle of Dark Dreams. Of course, he had the spectacular queen of sex and sin by his side–Sparkle Stardust.

Please join me on my Facebook page as I reminisce about the  most famous cosmic troublemaker of them all.

If you can’t make it on Saturday, stop by anytime during the week. I want to read all of your favorite memories of Ganymede. I might also be randomly flinging signed books showcasing Mede’s sneakiness at some of you who attend. One might even randomly show up in your mailbox. It could happen.

Hope to see you there on Saturday.

Eternal Craving Now in E-book!

August 30, 2019

Al thinks his predator soul makes him a monster. Jenna believes monsters need love too. Together, they fight for humanity’s survival. Can they do it?

Eternal Craving, book 2 in my Gods of the Night series, has a  buff new cover and is NOW AVAILABLE again in print, and for the first time in e-book format! Eternal Craving won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice award for Best Shapeshifter Romance of 2009.

Meet Al and Jenna in this excerpt then order your copy today. (Please note that if you have already read this book, the reissue contains no new actual content, just the fabulous new cover.)

Eternal Pleasure Reissued!

August 14, 2018

“Something was coming. Something big. Kelly sensed it on a level that didn’t answer to logic.”

Eternal Pleasure, Book 1 in my Gods of Night series, has been reissued, and is NOW AVAILABLE with a brand new cover! If you haven’t yet read it, check out an excerpt and order your eBook today!

You won’t have to wait long for a new Book 2! Stay tuned for the reissue of Eternal Craving, to be published August, 2019. (Please note that if you have already read these books, the reissues contains no new actual content, just the fabulous new cover — and in ebook for the first time!)

In case you missed them the first time.

June 20, 2018

They’re back! Okay, almost back. The first two books in my Gods of the Night series will once again be available after being out of print for years.

In Eternal Pleasure, Ty gives new meaning to animal magnetism. He bears the soul of an ancient predator–savage, lethal, irresistible. Kelly believes her job is all about driving Ty around Houston for a few weeks. She doesn’t have a clue that she’s about to become part of a battle with an enemy that isn’t human or that the sensual man who feeds her fantasies hides a terrifying secret. Look for Eternal Pleasure in August 2018.

Continue reading “In case you missed them the first time.”

Are you ready for a wickedly hot summer?

June 1, 2017

Well, turn up the air and brew pitchers of iced tea, because you’ll need them.

Texas sizzles in July, but all that heat won’t just be on the beach. I’m writing like the wind–or more specifically, a desert dust devil–on the next book in my Gods of the Night Series. Rap gets his own story in Eternal Shadows. He has the soul of an ancient predator and the essence of a lord of darkness all wrapped up in a human body. Talk about feeling conflicted. Selene is his enemy. She worked for the powers that plan to destroy all humans. But now she’s working for the good guys. Or is she? Rap might not trust her, but that doesn’t stop the sensual pull drawing them closer. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, they must trust each other enough to fight for the future of Earth and their love.

Look for Eternal Shadows in October 2018.


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