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Available July 24

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Available July 10

Excerpt & More

Are you ready for a wickedly hot July? Well, turn up the air and brew pitchers of iced tea, because you’ll need them.

On July 10, MY WICKED VAMPIRE (the fourth book in the Castle of Dark Dreams series) will once again be available. Dacian is a vampire with anger issues, and Cinn has a ticked-off goddess searching for her. They both have powerful enemies. It only makes sense for Cinn to join forces with Dacian. But she soon learns that getting close to the most sensually dangerous man she’s ever met carries its own risks.

On July 24, FOREVER WICKED completes the Castle of Dark Dreams series. Cosmic troublemaker Sparkle Stardust wishes she could take back the angry words she threw at Ganymede. He storms from the castle determined to live up to his title of Chaos Bringer. But when a powerful enemy from their past threatens Ganymede and Sparkle, they stand side by side to protect their lives, their castle, and their love.

Be sure to read excerpts from both books.






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